Where service exceeds expectation.

Where service exceeds expectation.


KLINGER's Valve Reconditioning Services are fully equipped to repair and/or recondition most makes, types and sizes of industrial valves, including safety valves, using skills and experience acquired over many years.

Valves are a key component to the efficient operation of most industrial processes and promote product quality and a company’s responsibility to the environment. They provide a safe operating environment plus provide safety protection in an emergency. Valves are expected to perform instantly and perfectly every time they are needed. It follows that a worn, faulty or leaking valve could result in costing far more than the price of its own, new replacement. 

We provide a certified and workmanship guaranteed valve repair and valve reconditioning service for all types of valves, including safety valves, in every sector of industry. Most work is carried out in our workshop or can be arranged on-site. Our workshop is located in Sasolburg, Free State, and is certified according to the standards of ISO 9001-0044904. 

The refurbishing of valves is performed in our dedicated and fully equipped workshop, enabling us to calibrate and recertify valves.

The Process:The Services Offered:The Benefits:
Identification.Valve reconditioning – Gate, Globe, Ball, Butterfly, Needle, Non-return, Diagram, Cock, Pinch, Knife Gate etc.Time/Cost Ratio – Increased valve lifespan and cost-saving.
Sandblasting.Safety relief valves reconditioning.Maintenance plans, retainers, management systems and consulting.
Stripping.Level gauges reconditioning.Traceability and record-keeping at KLINGER Mzansi.
Inspection.Pressure testing.Certification.
Lap and repair.On site valve inspection and services.112 years of combined valve reconditioning experience and expertise.
Assemble.Collection and delivery services.Saving downtime & turnaround time as per client’s request and needs.
Pressure test.
Emergency turnaround arrangements.
Shutdown support, planning and inspections.
QC Inspection complete with data pack.
Tailored packages and solutions.
Release to client.
Follow-up call.

For more information on our valve reconditioning services please contact us on or 016 976 2952