Innovative design.

Innovative design.

Stainless Steel Low Pressure Rubber Seal Coupling

Low Pressure Couplings are dedicated couplings designed as simple, cost effective methods of joining large diameter Structured Wall Pipes (SWP) such as Weholite Pipe and Starway Pipe.


The Weholite Coupling can be used to join Weholite and other pipe materials of gravity fed pipelines not exceeding the recommended pressure rating, such as Concrete, GRP and steel pipe.

The Starway Coupling can only be used on Starway pipe.

Superior Design

LP Couplings are supplied complete and ready to install.  They require no special skills or complicated tools to install.  They are lightweight, cost effective solutions for joining large diameter SWP.  Pipes can be cut on site and connected within minutes.

The full stainless steel construction and high quality EPDM rubber seal offer excellent corrosion resistance and extended life expectancy.

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