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KLINGER 104 Corrugated gaskets are manufactured from corrugated metallic rings in a wide range of materials. They are a universal gasket for a range of applications but are particularly suited to applications involving narrow flanges or where bolt loads are low.

Corrugated rings are often supplied with a soft facing layer offering either full or partial coverage of the core. The layer, normally graphite or PTFE, improves the sealability of the product and ensures high integrity even at low gasket loadings. Due to the sealing characteristics of faced corrugated gaskets they are an excellent substitute for CAF gaskets or for corrugated gaskets with asbestos cord rope layers.

KLINGER 104 Types

KLINGER® Type 104

A single ply corrugated metal gasket used in narrow radial width applications. Primarily used in the valve industry, commonly known as a Taylor ring. This gasket is not fitted with soft facing layers.

KLINGER® Type 104G

Similar to the standard 104, except that it has a lamination of 0.5 mm, 1 density, 98 percent pure graphite laminated to both sides, thus giving an effective seal to be obtained at low initial stress levels. Core thickness will be 0.5 to 0.79 mm (before corrugation), corrugation nominal pitch 3mm.

104G gaskets are also available with a U-Shaped Eyelet fitted to the Bore of the gasket and the outside Periphery of the gasket.

These gaskets can be used on standard flanges as well as for Heat-exchanger type applications but care must be taken with large dimension gaskets as they are quite fragile and must be handled with care. Best available techniques should be used during installation.

KLINGER® Type 104G gaskets can be used for pressures up to 40 Bar.

KLINGER® Type 104P

Similar to the standard 104 except that it has a PTFE envelope fitted to the inner diameter. Larger diameters may be manufactured with PTFE faces. Expanded PTFE faces may be used where flange faces are damaged or corroded.

A sealing surface finish of between 3.2 and 6.3 Micrometers is required for 104G & 104P gaskets. The design factors using ASME VIII are: m = 3 and y = 17.2MPa.

These gaskets are not reusable and have a recovery of ± 0.15 mm in service.


Typical Properties

Typical Specifications

Material316 / Graphite
Max. temperature450ºC
Max. pressure100 bar
Thickness 2.5mm (standard)


Can be manufactured from a range of metallic materials including:

Can be manufactured with PTFE facing; KLINGER Maxiflon.