Outstanding service - trusted. worldwide.

Outstanding service - trusted. worldwide.


Services that go beyond just tightening, our joint integrity management solutions provide the best possible chance of achieving a leak-free start-up.

Hydraulic and Manual Bolt Torque Tightening and Tensioning 

KLINGER provides on-site manual or hydraulic bolt torque tightening and tensioning services.

The benefits include;

3rd Party Joint Integrity Quality Assurance

Manufacturers, regulatory authorities, contractors, and other parties impacted by bolted joint leaks often require third party inspection agencies to ensure that the quality of the bolted joint is maintained.

That is from flange assembly through the tightening process, to integrity testing  and final record keeping. 

The KLINGER joint integrity inspection personnel are fully compliant with recognised standards such as ASME PCC-1-2013 or similar European standards such as EN1591.

Shutdown Support and Gaskets Inventory Control

An inoperative plant does not generate profit. Fully embracing this fact, KLINGER’s shutdown services are tailored to assist in keeping downtimes to an absolute minimum. This is achieved by providing customers with an on-site service and production base, featuring mobile services, a production support station, a customized consignment warehouse with all the standard pipe gaskets as well as a fully equipped machine park.

This approach, which places all the necessary components for a successful shutdown directly on the premises of the plant, offers a wide range of advantages: Most importantly, customers benefit from a constant on-site contact and are thus prepared for all eventualities. A customized stock range, complemented by soft plotter-produced gasket materials, grooved and corrugated gaskets as well as gland packings ensures the required sealing inventory is available when and wherever required

Flange Management System Implementation

Flange Management System “FMS” is a powerful software database tool designed to compile and manage KLINGER Joint Integrity Site Activity for a range of clients. The FMS database platform uses ATMECO developed CIMS software for facility specific systems to capture, report and manage all data collected, analysed and reported on.

An important requirement of any effective Flange Management program is a robust and reliable means of identifying all flanged joints across the entire facility. 

A robust Flanged Joint Identification system provides accuracy, traceability, repeatability and the ability to audit all key attributes of a Flange management program.

Bolted connections have a tendency to fail if not addressed in the correct manner. They can impact all stages of an asset: from fabrication through to maintenance. We can eliminate leaks through a world class best practice Joint Integrity Program with thorough processes and procedures captured and recorded in our proprietary component integrity management system (CIMS) database.

Our team of specialist Joint Integrity personnel drive and monitor the implementation of the clients joint integrity program, ensuring compliance, and providing full traceability that the client’s mandate procedures and standards have been met.