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"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra." - Jimmy Johnson

KLINGER Goes Above and Beyond: Shaun Welman's Dedication to Customer Service

In the world of fluid control and sealing solutions, KLINGER has cemented its position as a global leader. Recently, a shining example of our commitment to our customers emerged when Technical Sales Representative Shaun Welman of KLINGER Durban went above and beyond to assist a valued customer.

Shaun Welman’s mission was to gather technical information about the current condition of previously installed expansion joints and bellows from a recurring KLINGER Mzansi customer.

With this information, Shaun can successfully share accurate technical advice on any future inquiries.

However, the challenge arose when the customer could not provide accurate measurements and sizes of their current equipment. Undeterred by this obstacle, Shaun took it upon himself to ensure a successful outcome by going the extra mile.

During the customer’s annual plant shutdown, Shaun viewed this as an opportunity and descended into the piping system. Navigating himself down to the intricacies of the equipment, he meticulously measured every expansion joint and bellow in place. This hands-on approach allowed him to gather precise information needed to provide an accurate quotation and technical guidance.

Shaun’s dedication perfectly exemplifies KLINGER Mzansi’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. By taking the time and effort to measure the equipment personally, he ensured that the customer received a quotation that was both competitive and accurate. Shaun’s resourcefulness and determination showcased KLINGER’s core values of going above and beyond to meet the needs of its customers.

KLINGER Mzansi takes immense pride in Shaun’s exceptional service and his demonstration of the company’s dedication to exceeding customer expectations. His actions reflect the spirit of #teamKLINGER, where every employee is encouraged to find innovative solutions and deliver outstanding service.

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» Shaun Welman – Technical Sales Representative – KLINGER Mzansi Durban

Telephone: +27 31 579 1041