Ultra Repair Clamp


Stainless steel armour plated pipe repair clamps for rigid pipe materials.

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Ultra Repair Clamps are suitable for virtually any pipe material. Ultra Clamp products from DN40mm and greater are supplied as full circumferential repair clamps, complete with a stainless steel armour plate vulcanized into the rubber seal at the time of moulding. Ultra Clamps are constructed from 100% stainless steel and therefore offer a permanent repair for many types of pipe damage such as cracks, holes and corrosion pitting. Please note that they should not be used to join pipes. Rapid installation in poor site conditions, made easy with simple, ‘flip-over’ action and self retaining bolts.

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45mm – 55mm, 59mm – 67mm, 69mm – 76mm, 75mm – 83mm, 87mm – 93mm, 95mm – 104mm, 104mm – 113mm, 121mm – 130mm