Golfing for a Good Cause
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Golfing for a Good Cause

KLINGER Mzansi’s Annual Charity Golf Day 2022 supported disadvantaged children. The event raised R80 000 for the Smile Foundation.

KLINGER Mzansi hosts a charity golf day every year, however, due to the pandemic they have not been able to do so for the past two years. This is why, this year, KLINGER in South Africa aimed to host their charity golf day with a BANG.

The chosen beneficiary this year was the Smile Foundation, which has helped over 4,000 disadvantaged children with facial abnormalities, such as Cleft Lip and Palate, Moebius syndrome (facial paralysis), and burns, receive corrective plastic and reconstructive surgery. Today, the Smile Foundation is based in 11 Academic Hospitals all over South Africa.           

Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

The Smile Foundation was founded on the wishes of the late Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa (1994 to 1999) and recipient of the Nobel Peace Price. He wished for children with facial anomalies to have access to and funding for the reconstructive surgeries they needed, as well as for the public to be educated so that they would not stigmatize these children for being different.

The plight of children living with facial anomalies was brought to Mandela’s attention through a letter written by a mother, whose young boy was born with a rare condition called Moebius Syndrome. This condition causes partial or complete facial paralysis. A person with this syndrome has difficulty smiling, talking, chewing, and swallowing food.

» The Team of the Smile Foundation was happy to accept the proceeds of the KLINGER Mzansi’s Annual Charity Golf Day 2022

Helping children with these or similar conditions was the main goal of KLINGER Mzansi’s Annual Charity Golf Day. The theme for the day was “Putting a Smile back in your Swing” with a carnival twist on the golf course. The event took place on the 4th of August 2022 and was hosted at the Maccauvlei Golf Course in Vereeniging, Gauteng, South Africa – a very special place, which was once listed in the Guinness Book of Records as having the largest membership of any Golf Club in the world.

Giggles and Joy

The day was filled with giggles and joy, celebrating the incredible work the Smile Foundation has achieved in gifting so many children with a new smile and a start to a positive future. KLINGER Mzansi hosted 128 golfers on the day, with a jammed-packed program of activities. Business partners and suppliers collaborated with them on the day with sponsorships and gifts, contributing to a very successful event.  

It was with great delight that our efforts raised R 80,000 (€ 4,650 or $ 4,600) in donations, which were officially handed over to the Smile Foundation on the 19th of August 2022. The proceeds will provide eight children with reconstructive surgery. 

The organizers wish to thank each and everyone who contributed to the event and to the remarkable efforts of the Smile Foundation, reminding everyone at KLINGER Mzansi that kindness can change the world one act at a time. 

» From left: Pieter van der Merwe – SAFRIPOL, Jan Swart – SAPRIPOL, Rudi Smit – SAFRIPOL and Jacques Brits – KLINGER Mzansi – Vaal Branch were golfing for a good cause.