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Klinger gland packing
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Below are the available Klinger Mzansi packing brands. Follow a brand for its technical specifications.

The Klinger gland packing factory located at the Wadeville, Johannesburg head office, boasts some 45 plus braiding machines and is supported by standard braiding plant including bobbin winders, squaring calenders, ovens and other equipment. These are capable of producing square, round and rectangular shaped packing up to a max 130mm squared packing. Construction Styles include:

  • Plaited Braid - Usually soft and pliable, this construction style can carry a large percentage of lubricant.
  • Crossbraid - Each strand of yarn is strongly locked by other strands. This forms a solid integral structure and forms a dense but flexible finished packing. This construction style produces an even distribution of yarn density and has excellent lubrication retention.
  • Corner Reinforced - A form of Crossbraid, but with solid stitch corners where a reinforcing/alternative fibre to the main body fibre is employed for strength, lubrication or abrasion resistance.
  • Braid-over-Braid - Manufactured by braiding a tubular jacket over a fibre core material and is usually produced with several yarn layers of Braid-over-Braid construction. The finished product has a fine and dense surface structure.
  • Braid-over-Core - Produced as per Braid-over-Braid, the cores are however usually extruded rubber or elastomers. This provides a finish with good elasticity and flexibility to the packing. A wide range of densities and cross sectional shapes can be produced.

The Klinger factory produces high quality packings from virgin grade fibre materials in: Cotton; Flax; Acrylic; Aramid; Carbon; Exfoliated Graphite; Glass; PTFE; Ceramic; GFO Gore®; Lenzing and Hybrid combinations.

Lubricants include: Waxes; Graphite’s; Oils; Greases; Molybdenum Disulphide; PTFE and our propriety blends of Doulon® and Raybon®.

The packings are used extensively in Rotary, Reciprocating, Valve Stem and Static applications and equipment throughout all major Industries.

Klinger manufacture their packing ranges under the KLINGER, STAG and IMPACT brands. Speciality packings for emission control are supplied from the USA based manufacturer Seal Ryt Corporation.