KLINGERstatite offers a low cost sealing solution for applications where the additional strength offered by fibre reinforcements such as aramid, glass or carbon is not a requirement. Paper-based materials are often used in low temperature and low pressure applications.



KLINGERstatite is based on cellulose fibre and can be supplied in sheet, roll or gasket form. It is extensively used in the automotive industry where its excellent oil and fuel resistance provides long lasting and reliable sealing at low cost.

Typical Specifications

Tensile Strength   12N/mm2
Density   0.7g/cm3
Compressibility ASTM F 36 A 25-40%
Recovery ASTM F 36 A 40%

Weight increase after fluid

ASTM oil 3 24h/20°C 15%
ASTM Fuel B 24h/20°C 15%
Water 24h/20°C 90%

Thickness increase after fluid

ASTM oil 3 24h/20°C 5%
ASTM Fuel B 24h/20°C 5%
Water 24h/20°C 30%

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