Sigraflex® Hochdruck

Sigraflex® Hochdruck

Sigraflex Hochdruck is a multilayer high-strength sheet material comprising 0.5mm thick layers of high quality graphite foil and 0.05mm thick stainless steel foil. Depending on the sheet thickness required, several layers of graphite and stainless steel foil are joined together in a special process. Sigraflex Hochdruck is a sealing material with excellent mechanical properties.

  • Very high maximum permissible gasket pressure (no gasket destruction)
  • Suitable to use at temperatures ranging from -250°C up to approx. 500°C
  • High rigidity, resistance to buckling
  • Long-term stability or compressibility and recovery over a wide temperature range
  • No ageing or embrittlement, owing to absence of adhesives or binders
  • No measurable cold or warm flow characteristics up to maximum permissible compressive stress
  • Good scratch resistance antiStick finish due to impregnation
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock
  • Ease of handling and processing


  • BAM
  • Blow-out resistance (TÜV)
  • DVGW
  • Fire safety (BS 6755-2 and API 607)
  • Germanisher Lloyd
  • TA Luft (VDI 2440) (with modified inner eyelet; for tongue and groove without eyelet)


  • Sheeting (m): 1.0 x 1.0*, 1.5 x 1.5
  • Thickness (mm): 1.5, 3.0

* - Denotes standard sheet size

sigraflex hochdruck
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