Metal Reinforced Gaskets

Metal Reinforced Gaskets

Style 108 Gaskets


Klinger Style 108 Metal Reinforced Gaskets are rigid laminated gasket consisting of graphite layers bonded to each face of a solid steel core.

The Klinger graphite Style 108 MRG gasket was initially designed to provide a high performance, low seating stress gasket replacement to the traditional metal jacketed and compressed asbestos fibre type gaskets utilised on heat exchanger applications.


Benefits of Klinger graphite type 108 gasket
  • Low seating stress values
  • Excellent sealing characteristics
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Narrow gasket width available
  • Particularly suitable for rectangular or non-round shapes


For higher pressure service, the Klinger Maxiprofile gasket would be preferred to the Style 108 MRG.


metal reinforced gaskets: style 108
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