Corrugated Metal Gaskets

Corrugated Metal Gaskets

Style 104 Gaskets


Corrugated metal gaskets are manufactured from corrugated metallic rings in a wide range of materials. They are a universal gasket for a range of applications but are particularly suited to applications involving narrow flanges or where bolt loads are low.


Corrugated rings are often supplied with a soft facing layer offering either full or partial coverage of the core. The layer, normally graphite or PTFE, improves the sealability of the product and ensures high integrity even at low gasket loadings. Due to the sealing characteristics of faced corrugated gaskets they are an excellent substitute for CAF gaskets or for corrugated gaskets with asbestos cord rope layers.

corrugated metal gaskets: style 104
General Properties
  • Good blow-out resistance
  • Economical
  • Suitable for high temperatures


Physical Properties
  • Metal core nominal thickness: 0.5mm (standard), 0.6mm and 0.7mm, before corrugating.
  • In the delivery condition, the total thickness of a gasket with graphite layers amounts to app. 2.3mm, resulting from the 1.3mm corrugated ring and one layer 0.5 graphite each side
  • Nominal pitch of corrugations: max. 3mm
  • Graphite facing thicknesses: 0.5mm standard and 0.8mm on request
  • Also available with a U-Shaped Eyelet fitted to the bore and the outside periphery of the gasket. The eyelet fitted to the bore prevents contamination of the process media and protects the graphite from the process media.
  • Graphite standard purity, 98% graphite, density 1.0 g. cm³
  • Surface identification: size, material and manufacturer


  • No facing layer - 104
  • Fully covered Graphite - 104G
  • Fully covered PTFE - 104P
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