Technical Support Products

Technical Support Products

Penetrating Oil

Klinger penetrating oil has been specifically formulated to loosen rusted and seized nuts, bolts and fittings. Instantly and effectively penetrating rust, dirt and scale leaving them with a clean film and reducing assembly time.

technical support products Penetrating Oil

Nickel Anti-Seize

Klinger Nickel anti-seize compound is designed to prevent seizing, galling and prevent corrosion in nuts and bolts in temperatures up to 1400°C. The unique formulation allows for firmer and more accurate tightening and torqueing of threaded connections and mating surfaces, while enabling easier loosing.

The product protects against galvanic and electrolytic corrosion and is suitable for all types of steel including austenitic stainless steels.

Nickel anti-seize can be used where copper-based compounds are undesirable.

Conforms to US Military specification – MIL-A-907E.

technical support products Nickel Anti-Seize

Chain and Linkage Spray

Klinger Chain and linkage spray is a low frication soluble molybdenum based lubricant. The formulation resists fling-off and is highly water resistant. The spray penetrates deep into linkages and remains adhered to surfaces in inaccessible places to give long-lasting protection under demanding conditions. The 360° valve technology allows spraying at all angles, including upside down.

Chain Linkage Spray

Super Protective Film

Klinger Super Protective Film is a ultra-thin spray film that can be applied to any surface.

The film, once dry, will protect circuit boards and electrical components and exposed connections. The spray repels moisture from brass hinges and hardware. The Protective film seals steel surfaces and protects leaking skylights. The Coverage is 1-2m2 per can depending on spray thickness. UV stabilized for 12-24 months and DI-Electric strength in excess of 1000V.

Super Protective Film
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