Style 396C

SealRyt Style 396C


396C is a patented core of internally-sprung high temperature, high pressure graphite SealRyt Style 333, with helical braided inconel wire, with an over braid of carbon-inserted exfoliated graphite foil, SealRyt Style 396C is the most effectively designed product on the market today for the sealing of fugitive fuel emissions.


SealRyt Style 396C meets or exceeds all requirements of API 589 and 607 tests as well as the API fire test for soft seated, quarter turn valves.



Unlike other exfoliated graphite products which offer various other yarn or wire placements to theoretically address extrusion, blow-out prevention, etc., SealRyt Style 396C utilises its patented Style 333 core, capable of 5800 PSI alone, to provide a highly sprung internal structure which enables 396C to conform and re-conform through constant thermal cycling to various stem, bore and clearance conditions in various states of degradation.

Reported Values of Performance

Non -Oxidizing Temp 3300°C
Oxidizing Temp 450°C
PH 1-14
Surface Velocity 22 m/sec
pressure 310 Bar

sealryt style 396c
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