Style 333

SealRyt Style 333


Made entirely with ultra-high purity graphite’s and helical braided Inconel wire insertion throughout. The core is extra dense to provide dimensional stability throughout Style 333's working temperature/ pressure range.


Braid blockage is provided by a unique dispersion containing ultra fine graphite particles locked in place by the SealRyt patented process.



Style 333 effectively seals ALL types of valves and soot blowers, even hard to seal ones. It is equally effective on new equipment as well as older, pitted and scored equipment, without the need for bull-rings. It is built to require little or no adjustment through its life and to facilitate ease of removal.

Reported Values of Performance

Non-Oxidizing Temp 2760°C
Oxiding Temp 450°C
PH 1-14
Sliding velocity 22 m/s
Pressure 390 Bar

sealryt style 333
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