Style K54

Style K54S/F/H – Pure PTFE Packing


Using the Klinger–lock cross braid braiding system, K54 is manufactured from pure PTFE filament yarns. Additional lubrication is optional depending on process requirements.



It is perfect for all chemical process services. K54 is supplied as 3 options food grade, oxygen grade and standard:

  • 54F - Oxygen service
  • 54S - Food grade
  • 54H - Chemical process synthetic oil lubricated


Typical applications
  • Chemical valves
  • Chemical pumps
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Tanker lid seals


Performance values

Temperature range 0°C - 280°C
Pressure range 0-200* Bar
Sliding velocity 10m/s
pH range 0-14

* Pressure range may vary depending on sliding velocity and product temperature.

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