Style K466M

Style K466M – Moly Lubricated


K466M is an inter-braided packing using the Klinger-lock braiding system, manufactured from high quality self-lubricating carbon yarn, dipped in PTFE and finished with Moly.


  • Due to the nature if the construction of this packing, it will not burn, blaze or fail due to loss of lubrication.
  • The excellent heat transfer capabilities of the carbon yarn along with the lubricant used, makes K466M ideal for high temperature and pressure applications


Typical applications
  • HP Steam valves
  • Petro-chemical valves and pumps
  • Power generation valves and pumps
  • Acid slurry applications
  • Pulp and paper process pumps
  • Soot blowers


Performance values

Temperature range -150°C - 450°C
Pressure range 0-240* Bar
Sliding velocity 20m/s
pH range 1-14

* Pressure range may vary depending on sliding velocity and product temperature

k466m gland packing
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