Style K466HP

Style K466HP - PTFE Coated


Braided from unique silky coated high quality carbon yarns using the Klingerlock braiding system. The yarns display high tensile strength while being gentle on the shaft of the rotating equipment due to low coefficients of friction.


  • K466HP is specifically designed for centrifugal pumps where the product being sealed has poor lubricating properties. The unique yarns used in the construction provide a very effective seal in slurry and chemically abrasive applications. The “run dry” properties of the packing assist in reducing leakage that is normally associated with pumps using mechanical packing.
  • Do not use with Chromium Trioxide, nitric acid and sulphuric acid.


Typical applications
  • All slurries
  • Chemical process applications
  • Boiler feed pumps
  • General service


Performance values

Temperature range 0°C - 280°C
Pressure range 0-50* Bar
Sliding velocity 25m/s
pH range 1-14

* Pressure range may vary depending on sliding velocity

k466hp gland packing
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