Style K4313

Style K4313 - PTFE Graphite


This unique cross braided packing is made from a combination of PTFE graphite impregnated fibre and aramid multifilament fibre in the corners. The aramid corners resist abrasion and give the packing strength while the graphite impregnated PTFE yarn acts as the seal and lubricator.


  • For uses in all slurry and high pressure applications


Typical applications
  • Highly abrasive slurry applications
  • Tailing pump sets
  • Reciprocating pumps
  • Refiners


Performance values

Temperature range -30°C - 260°C
Pressure range 0-30* Bar
Sliding velocity 20m/s
pH range 2-12

* Pressure range may vary depending on sliding velocity and product temperature

k4313 packing
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