Style K25

Style K25 – PTFE Lubricated


Using the Klinger-lock cross braiding system, K25 is manufactured from an aramid yarn to provide a highly abrasion resistant mechanical packing that performs well at high pressure. The PTFE lubricant provides a clean option where contamination of the product must be kept to a minimum.


  • For uses in all slurry and high pressure applications


Typical applications
  • Highly abrasive slurry applications
  • Tailings pump sets
  • Reciprocating pumps
  • Refiners


Performance values

Temperature range -30°C - 260°C
Pressure range 0-100* Bar
Sliding velocity 15m/s
pH range 2-12

* Pressure range may vary depending on sliding velocity and product temperature

style k25 gland packing
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