KVN (Piston Valves)

kvn piston valves breakdown


  • Reliable, leak-tight shut off - in line and to the atmosphere
  • Unique robust construction principle
  • No wear on sealing surfaces
  • Insensitive to impurity
  • Long service life and optimised life cycle costs
  • Excellent regulation of flow
  • Maintenance free
  • Slightest emissions (TA-Luft, EPA) - increasing plant efficiency and reducing loss of operating media
  • Valve remains in line if replacement of seat rings and internal parts are necessary
  • Designed for automation using electro-mechanic or pneumatic actuators


Know-how and quality from the inventor of piston valves

kvn piston valves

Piston valve KVN
PN 16/40/63 Class 150/300
DN 15-200, ½"-8"
Material Cast steel, acid-resistant and stainless cast steel, spheroidal cast iron, cast iron, special materials on request
Temperature -10°C to +400°C
End Connections Flange connection (DIN, ANSI), female screwed ends with pipe thread, butt and socket weld ends.

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