KLINGER Borosilicate Gauge Glasses

KLINGER Borosilicate Gauge Glasses

Long and circular design

The quality of a sight (gauge) glass depends mainly on the chemical composition and mechanical strength of the glass material. Analyses and acid/alkali tests are constantly ensuring a high glass-quality. The mechanical strength is reached by thermal prestressing.


Liquid level gauges:

The gauge glass is the most important component of the liquid level gauge. Due to this reason KLINGER gauge glasses are made of high quality, extra-hard borosilicate glass which is subsequently heat-treated.


magnetic level gauges

KLINGER gauge glasses have high mechanical strength and are especially resistant to alkalis, acids and boiler water (within the service limitation). Our glass testing laboratory carries out continuous quality control tests: purity of glass, flaws in glass, dimensional accuracy, etc. this ensures the high quality standard of KLINGER gauge glasses.


We manufacture reflex and transparent glasses according to the most varied international standards.KLINGER gauge glasses are suitable for installation in liquid level gauges of almost any make.

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