Gasket related training

The objective of these training sessions is to make attendees aware of the wide range of sealing materials that are available on the market.


The basic outline of each session covers:


Gland packing related training

The objective of these training sessions is to provide attendees with sufficient knowledge and make them aware of the wide variety of manufacturing standards and materials of construction employed in Compression Packings. We offer two course sessions as briefly outlined below:


Compression packing - Theory

  • Definitions, uses of and how compression packings work
  • Packing construction and manufacturing styles and methods
  • Packing core materials and lubricants
  • Application requirements and duty considerations
  • Correct selection and recommendations of packings
  • Packing calculations and technical theory reference
  • Use of compression packing in rotating pumps / agitators / mixers, reciprocating equipment, valves and static applications
  • Technical specifications


Controlled methods of bolt tightening

The objective of these sessions is to introduce attendees to alternative forms of bolt tightening that provide improved joint integrity results against the more traditional “hammer and flogging” methods. The course content basically covers:

  • The inter-relatedness of the components that comprise of a gasketed joint
  • Flanges – types, materials, specifications
  • Gaskets – types, compression characteristics
  • Fasteners – materials, specifications, mechanical properties
  • Controlled tightening methods - advantages
  • Gasket load requirements
  • Bolt load / stress determination
  • Manual torque tightening procedures
  • Hydraulic torque tightening procedures
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioning procedures
  • Joint data management systems - overview

The content of each session can be tailored to suit the requirements of the attendees. For example, for pipe fitters and maintenance foremen the emphasis is placed on the handling and installation aspects of gaskets, whilst for design and maintenance engineers the emphasis is on appropriate gasket selection and joint design.


The training durations can also be varied to suit the requirements of the attendees. The most comprehensive sessions are conducted over a full day, but shorter versions (approximately two hours long) are also catered for on the basis of the attendee profile and intended outcome.


All training courses can be conducted at Klinger Mzansi’s premises in Wadeville, Gauteng or at the end-user's site. At the Klinger Mzansi Wadeville site, attendees have the benefit of being exposed to our manufacturing facilities, as well as witnessing demonstrations of hydraulic bolt tightening on a purpose built test rig.

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