Pre & Post Shutdown Integrity Surveys

Pre & Post Shutdown Integrity Surveys

Pre-shutdown VOC leak surveys

These surveys are designed to find leaks that should be fixed during a forthcoming shut. This type of survey is typically done with Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) to find the leaks and supported by Flame Ionization Detection (FID) leak sensing technologies to quantify and prioritise for action on all leaks identified.


Pre-start-up leak survey

Pressurised inert gas used (nitrogen with helium tracer) or compressed air is used to pressurise systems before start-up, but this technique needs to be followed by a post start-up leak survey as below. ATMECO has developed innovative methods to reduce start-up costs and times by using a combination of compressed air, Ultrasonic Leak Detection (ULD) and nitrogen purge before the introduction of hydrocarbons into process lines.


Post-start-up leak survey

This survey type is similar in structure and intent to the pre-shutdown survey, but in this case is checking for leaks as, or just after, a plant start-up. Hydrocarbon leaks are surveyed from lines, vessels and components at actual operating temperature and pressure. FID and/or OGI and/or USD technologies are typically used.

Klinger Mzansi deploys a range of leading edge technologies and data systems as part of the services to clients.


These technologies include:

  • Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)
  • Fast-response Flame Ionization Detection (FID)
  • Contact and near-field ultrasonic
  • Leading-edge data capture systems
  • Secure online data management and report
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