CIMS Database

CIMS Database

Component Integrity Management System (CIMS)

A Component Integrity Management System has the means to compile and manage a lot of data. To be able to do this will require a high security, and further more a facility-specific database system which will capture, manage and report on all collected and analysed data.


Preferably, a CIMS database 5 is web-based thus providing the ability to:

  • review and access data online
  • provide all necessary progress and inventory reports
  • permit streamlined QA / QC of CIMS data, and
  • enable cost-effective internal or client audit of data held within the system


Therefore, a Component Integrity Management System should, most of all, record the information relevant to the component or line where leak integrity is compromised, including linking of relevant P&IDs, photos, and OGI videos.


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