Quality Control Supervision

Quality Control Supervision

Safety compliant and leak free facilities

Manufacturers, regulatory authorities, contractors, and other parties that are impacted by bolted joint leaks often require third party inspection agencies to ensure that the quality of the bolted joint is maintained. From the flange assembly through the tightening process, to integrity testing and finally record keeping. Companies require vendors to confirm that the flange assemblies they create are in fact reliable and safe.


It is paramount to have experienced, well-trained and competent personnel that can provide assurance of a leak free bolted flange joint assembly. Highlighted by the recent release of the PCC-1-2013 guidelines, ASME is advising the industry to start treating bolted connections like a welded connection.


Klinger 3rd party joint integrity inspections - Gasket installation supervision

  • Assist construction contractors with correct gasket selection and installation practices.
  • Similar to a QC function.
  • Uses a checklist approach per joint.
  • Final report on findings.
  • Mainly for shutdowns.
  • Shut down Gasket Management.
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