About Furmseal

Optimise your assets by eliminating unscheduled downtime. Furmanite helps companies across all industries worldwide to achieve maximum process efficiency and effective asset management. By adding value not cost, bringing a breadth of experience plus a raft of products and services. By using the latest materials, techniques and technologies as well as engineering dedicated solutions where required.


All are designed to increase process efficiency, extend production runs, minimise scheduled downtime and avoid unscheduled shutdowns. From working alongside an in-house maintenance team, project-managing all maintenance and specialist requirements. As well as providing a full-time Furmanite technician or team onsite. Furmanite will work with its customers to meet their requirements.


For 75 years, Furmanite has been the name behind innovative leak-sealing techniques, providing major players in the oil and gas, power generation, mining and petrochemical industries with an unrivalled level of experience. On-call 24/7 for emergency repairs and planned shutdown support.


Today Furmanite is the world’s preferred engineering partner, delivering on-line on-site engineering services and advanced patented technologies, saving companies millions on their bottom line by maximising asset uptime.


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